My Sewing Space

sewing space

I’ve had an interesting sewing journey since I started sewing in 2007. First, I had a dedicated sewing/crafting space and even had an entire room with a closet and extra shelving in my old house. Then I moved to a 1500 square foot sewing studio for a year (bigger than my current apartment)! Now, I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and have moved my sewing machine around 3 times in a year trying to find the best spot for it (mostly out of reach of a curious toddler). I also keep a machine in the trunk of my car in case a friend invites me over to sew for a little while.

I realize now that it doesn’t really matter how much space you have, what matters is what you make and why you make it. My quilting projects are my creative outlet. I love to make something that makes my cubicle pretty and that sparks some conversation with people at work. I also love to make quilts that can be used to keep me or my family warm or can give comfort to someone in a nursing home who doesn’t have anyone to visit them.

Maybe someday I’ll have more space to spread out but I hope that my focus will remain on creating beautiful quilts to share with friends, family and those in need.

So tell me, do you have a dedicated space or do you sew a vant guard wherever you can and whenever you can?

Happy Stitches,


4 thoughts on “My Sewing Space

  1. Marlene says:

    I wish I have a dedicated space, but I like having the TV on while I sew, and the spare room doesn’t have a plug for the cable… I’m a bit like you, I cart my sewing things around, trying to keep it out of reach of my very inquisitive two year old 🙂

    • modquiltgirl says:

      Yep that is my issue too, I enjoy watching Netflix and that only works on the TV in the living room. I’ve hung a nice little wire shelf thing to keep sharp sewing utensils out of the little one’s reach.

  2. Gina says:

    I often think about how awesome Crafty Girls Workshop was. I would die for that space and I don’t even sew half as much as you. I have a dedicated room, but it’s upstairs and I hate to head up there in the evening and leave my husband downstairs watching TV alone. It just doesn’t feel right. I’m tempted to bring my machine and just what I’m working on downstairs. But then the noise would bother him. Oh, well…

    • modquiltgirl says:

      Thanks Gina, I do have moments when I miss CGW too but I’ve learned to enjoy my little space. Have you thought of doing some hand work such as making cute little EPP hexagons, embroidery, crochet or even cross stitch? I would do some sort of hand work if my chid wasn’t keeping me super busy.

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