Make it Modern Monday


Some modern projects I’ve made this year

What is modern quilting? Well, the images above are a few examples what I’ve made in the last year that I’d consider modern. The National Modern Quilt Guild has a description of how they view “modern quilting” on their website. I like their definition, I feel it encompasses a lot about what “modern minded quilters” do. I have to admit though, I just love the ability to be wonky and quilt how I want to. I find it hard to quilt inside the lines and enjoy thinking “outside the blocks” when I make quilts.

When I first started quilting, I didn’t know what I was doing, I knew that fabrics were pretty, charm packs were abundant and (relatively) cheap and having everything already cut made life so much easier! I bought kits galore (some which I still have stashed away, and some I still can’t resist purchasing) because having a pattern and all the fabric already selected made it so much easier to just make what was on the picture and I knew the result would be good. Now, my aesthetic has changed, my view has changed and following a pattern has become much more difficult for me. Picking out fabrics has become the FUN part of planning a quilt project. I don’t always stick with one designer or one line of fabric anymore, but those building blocks helped me when I first started out.


My first Improv Quilt from the Denyse Schmidt Workshop 2010

I have heard it said, and I agree, that attending the Improvisational Patchwork workshop taught by Denyse Schmidt to the SAMQG back in November of 2010 was sort of a turning point in my (and other’s) quilting life. She gave us the freedom look at quilting as an art and not be boxed in by set patterns and a reason to use up our crazy scraps! When I just want to have a fun, lazy afternoon of quilting, I make improv blocks because they don’t require a lot of thought but they are incredibly satisfying to create.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into the world of Modern Quilting. I’m planning to do a regular Modern Monday feature so check back next week for more modern!

Happy Stitches,


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