Make It Modern Monday


Today I’d like to feature the San Antonio chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild (SAMQG). This group is where I first learned about modern quilting and I feel that being a part of this group has made me a better quilter and I’ve made some really awesome friends along the way. Every month I was inspired to finish something amazing to show the group but I never felt that if I only brought my most recently finished quilt top that they would be any less impressed with it, and believe me, finishing just a top was always a big accomplishment for me. This guild is full of ladies who are creative, funny and inspirational, every single month! The SAMQG is what I would call my “home” guild because they are the first modern quilt guild I ever joined (helped start actually) and I still have close ties with them. Now that I’ve moved to Houston, I’m an active member of the HMQG and I am grateful for the friends I’ve made in the HMQG (check back for a Friendship Friday feature of one of the HMQG members). I just feel that there is nothing like the first guild you ever join and feel connected to. So if you are in San Antonio, or moving to the area, look up the SAMQG on Facebook, they have a super active group and they will welcome you right away so that moving to a new city won’t feel so new.

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