Toddler Tuesday


As you know, this little guy takes up most of my time lately. He just turned two in March, and he constantly amazes me with his ability to be incredibly adorable. Yes, I realize I’m probably biased. Recently he has started chattering, all the time! He picks up little phrases that his dad or I say. For example, on Saturday I asked my hubby if he wanted anything from the kitchen while I was up. He replied “No thanks, I’m fine” and now, MJ has started saying that. But the best part is that he knows when to say it. If he wants to answer no to a question, he’ll say “No thanks, I’m fine.”  It’s so adorable coming from a two year old. Today he played with a set of oversized legos with an Elmo theme for about 20 minutes. It was a blissful break and so fun to watch him play and explore.

Have a great Tuesday!


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