Podcasts, I think I Love You

[Lots of words, NO pictures, if you want to see some nice pictures, check out my Instagram feed I’m on there as modquiltgirl_anna and check out the tags #rejectedfromquiltcon and #quiltconreject for some beautiful quilts!]

Earlier this year I made a new friend through Instagram by complete accident. Her name is Stephanie Kendron (@modernsewciety on IG). Somehow I saw a post of a quilt she made with some fabric that I instantly recognized (Woodland Bloom from Moda) and I of course commented on it. She generously offered to send me some (a jelly roll and layer cake!!) and in return I sent her a mini quilt made of Anna Maria Horner fabrics. After a little more Instagram conversation I figured out that Stephanie hosted something called the Modern Sewciety podcast (MSP). Well, that sparked my curiosity of course.

What the HECK was a podcast? I didn’t have an iPod or iPhone, so how could I listen to one (or was this one of those things that was for Apple users only)?

I immediately e-mailed Stephanie to ask these (silly) questions and she kindly replied to just search my App Store (DUH) for a podcast app and then I could search for her podcast.

OK, great! I did that and found out that her podcast was AWESOME!! (That’s #AWESOME for you IG people) She interviews all the movers and shakers of the sewing and quilting world! I mean ALL of them!! And she does it in such a sweet and inquisitive way. It’s like she’s asking them the questions I would ask them, if I ever had the chance to chat with them.  I also feel that the MSP was great to listen to while doing my Couch to 5K run because there was so much walking and running that trying to listen to music with a specific beat just wasn’t working for me. But listening to someone talk about sewing and quilting kept my mind occupied enough to forget that I was running.

I also realized something about podcasts in general, they are great for people who want to DO other things while listening. I mean, I like to (binge) watch Netflix while I’m sewing but there’s the whole annoying thing of having to look at the screen to figure out what is going on. Podcasts don’t have that problem, they are like Netflix for RADIO! Podcasts are ON DEMAND radio shows, several of which are produced by the GREAT radio talent already out there such as Ira Glass and other NPR celebrities.  Which leads me to the next point.

Podcasts are addicting. You know that phrase/philosphy that like attracts like? Well, once I started listening to the MSP, I started hearing about other podcasts to try out. First, it was Abby Glassenberg (interviewed on MSP, @abbyglassenberg on IG) who has a crafty business centered podcast (and she’s NOT a quilter so she has an awesome different perspective on things) called While She Naps.

So I subscribed to Abby’s e-mail newsletter and she mentions a different podcast every WEEK, she mentioned a new one called Compulsory (she was interviewed on that one, and I love this podcast but it has limited episodes right now) and then, during one of those episodes I heard about Serial.

OMG, don’t get me started about Serial. It’s awesome, and creepy (because it’s a true story), and riveting (listened to all 10 episodes in a two day span), and intriguing. And it’s like reality TV but on the RADIO! It’s produced by the folks who produced This American Life (which I have downloaded but have yet to listen to) which EVERYONE who listens to podcasts RAVES about. I love the format of it because it reminds me of all the times I listened to shows on NPR and their style of journalism and reporting. There is something nostalgic about that type of show. And now I can get it on demand on my podcast app (I just started using Podcast Nation after trying out OneCast and Podcast Addict)!

The latest podcast obsession of mine (thanks Abby) is called StartUp. It’s another reality type show by a guy who was a producer/journalist for This American Life (anything anyone from that group comes out with is pretty much GOLDEN), I think his name is Alex something. But it’s about the process of starting up a small business. The behind the scenes that most people don’t ever see (makes me think of Shark Tank). I’m in love. And now I’m grappling between spending time on the bus listening to podcasts or scanning through IG. Well, truth is I can do both but it’s kind of hard to split my attention.

Confession, last night I almost enjoyed folding the laundry because, after the kid was asleep, even though it was 11:45pm I knew I had to finish up the last part of episode 3 of StartUp (ended up listening to the next one too).

The only recommendation I can make is, find a podcast that has several episodes already recorded (MPS has close to 50 PLUS the B-Side episodes which are soooo fun!) because these reality type shows will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one! And if you have to catch up, take them in moderation so that it doesn’t seem like such a looooong time until the next one comes out.

So, now I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do YOU listen to podcasts? If so, which ones? (I’m always looking for new ones to add to my list!) Please leave a comment below, I’d really appreciate it!

(Yes, I realize this post is devoid of images, but you know what? If you want to see some pictures, there is this great app called Instagram and I post pictures on there ALL the time as do millions of others. Check out the hashtag #rejectedfromquiltcon or #quiltconreject to see some amazing quilts that didn’t get selected for the show in February.)

Happy Stitches,


2 thoughts on “Podcasts, I think I Love You

  1. saroy says:

    I LOVE podcasts and only regret that I didn’t really “discover” them until about 6 months ago. Sure, I’d heard of them but never checked them out before. I listen to them all the time now — while driving, running, sewing, etc.

    If you like creative + business, you should check out Elise Gets Crafty podcast. It’s really great.

  2. Stephanie says:

    OMG! thank you so much Anna! I love all of these and I agree with @saroy Elise gets crafty is great too. I didn’t realize Startup had started so I need to tune into that one. Thanks so much for this post. I am so happy we got to meet and that you are such an awesome listener! MUAH!

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