Warning: Long post ahead with ZERO pictures and TONS of words. OK, you’ve been warned.

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I know I’ve been absent from blogging for quite a while, honestly, I’ve found that Instagram (IG) is really great for quick posts of one picture (at a time) and practically instant feedback (I guess that’s where the name came from). This really appeals to my need for immediate feedback. Also, it’s so much easier to use my phone to view Instagram than it is to post to the blog. Plus, I’ve been busy. Life is busy. Traditional blogging experts will say that to attract readers and a real audience I need to take amazing pictures or at least have something amazing to post about.  I had high hopes for my blog when I started it back up. I had plans for the types of posts I would write and was so sure I would never run out of material to cover. Honestly, I probably could spend hours and hours just planning and writing posts and creating the most amazing tutorials with wonderful pictures. I mean heck, my day job title is Instructional Designer. That means I write training programs for adults. Yes, training, i.e. instructions, or even lesson plans to an extent (although in Grown Up world they are called Facilitator Guides). Unfortunately, after I do that job and then come home and take care of my family, it’s time for bed and repeating the process the next day.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. In July I started a running program called Couch to 5K (C25K). It’s amazing, I HATE running but this program (with the free app) makes it easier to start and ease into running a full 5K. I’ve never been good at running, in order to run a mile in under 10 minutes when I was in middle school, I had to run some, walk some. I never ran the entire thing, EVER and that was ONE mile, 5K is actually about THREE miles! But I have a goal, I’m turning the BIG 3-5 in October and I want to be able to RUN 5K by that time [Update, that didn’t happen but I’m up to week 6 in December!]  This week (original draft of this post was in September), I have to jog 5 minutes straight! Oh, I didn’t mention that the way the program eases you in is that you run and walk in alternating intervals. Each week is the same set of intervals for three days that week. Then the next week you bump up the running time. Part of the reason I started C25K was so that I could fit into a smaller size pants. I needed to lose a little of the baby weight that I never fully lost after having MJ TWO years ago!! Back in May I thought I had lost a little weight, I went out and bought 4 new pairs of pants in a smaller size, only to realize they were still TOO tight! Well, after spending well over $100 on clothes (which I NEVER do – I’d rather buy fabric) I was determined that I WOULD lose enough to fit into those smaller pants. Gladly I can say that after only 3 week of C25K and tracking calories using My Fitness Pal, I have lost enough to be more comfortable in those smaller pants. But I still want to do better.

I’ve said all of this because I found something wonderful to listen to during my workout. As you know, I stumbled upon a podcast called Modern Sewciety by Stephanie Kendron. This show has been on for a while now but I had never listened to a podcast before. Well, every time I listen I learn something new, learn about a new blogger or designer, learn about a new resource for tutorials and inevitably end up following someone new on Instagram.

Recently Stephanie started another weekly podcast she is calling The B Side and I love this new addition! It was fun to hear her and the Tattooed Quilter Christopher really hamming it up on air. And now I think I’ve made another new IG friend (I was already following him on IG but I am so thrilled that lately he’s actually liked some of my IG posts!) I feel like I know celebrities! And something they mentioned on the podcast made me start thinking.  Christopher has a blog series called emailing with the Tattooed Quilter and he interviews what he calls quiltlebrities. He describes these as people who we know who inspire us because they design great things OR just “normal people who make awesome stuff” I was trying to figure out which of those categories I wanted to be in.

The truth is, I want to be a normal person who makes amazing stuff. I realized that this means I’m going to have to edit myself a little more. I’m going to have to limit what I snap a picture of and make sure it’s what I really want the world to see as a representation of myself as a quilter. That will be difficult because like I said before, I like instant feedback. So I think I’m going to try it. And I’m going to try to not die of jealousy when I’m listening to these people on Stephanie’s podcast who are the movers and shakers of the quilting world who are able to spend their days designing and making beautiful quilts or garments and writing patterns and books and blogs. From what I’ve heard on the podcasts so far, most of these people started out as “normal people who made awesome stuff” so I guess that’s where I want to start.

And in the mean time, I’ll keep thinking about my destination. Where is my niche, what do I really have that I can contribute to the quilting world besides the ability to talk about practically anything for two minutes straight and my incredible enthusiasm for anything that I find to be exciting? Only time will really tell. Oh and if you’re on IG, please go follow me if you want, you can find me as modquiltmom_anna.

Happy Stitches to you!


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