Work in Progress Wednesday

Happy New Year! I found some major sewmentum over the new year holiday. I had four days off in a row and my toddler is actually getting to a point where he will play with his cars or trains or other vehicle with wheels for almost an hour at a time! Pretty impressive for a not yet 3 year old (I know some adults who have shorter attention spans.) So while he was otherwise engrossed, I was making log cabin blocks like a mad woman! I made 24 blocks of various sizes between 12/24 and 01/04. I roughly squared them up and jogged upstairs to put them on my “real” design wall (I had been pinning them to my curtain downstairs because I sew downstairs for the moment). Here is a rough layout that I came up with (don’t faint because I included a picture in blog post):


Check out #scrappylogcabinQAL on IG for more inspiration!

So that’s my first WIP (work in progress) of 2015. I hope to add some grey sashing in the areas that are blank at the moment.  I still want the blocks to look like they are floating. And I haven’t decided if I want to use all the same grey or various shades. Since the greys in the blocks are different it makes sense to use different shades. And get this, I used ONLY scraps for this quilt! I didn’t buy any fabric, I just pulled out my aqua/blue scraps and my grey scraps. I even have a small pile left over which I’m sure I’ll use on the back or something. I was really surprised to see how many blocks I could get out of just two colors of my scraps. Oh and each block has an orange center because Amanda from What the Bobbin and I swapped some fabric and her box included some precut orange squares. I realized they would be the perfect starting point that would pull the blocks together.  So thanks Amanda! Of all the folks on the Scrappy Log Cabin QAL tag on IG, I think my blocks are pretty wonky and crazy but I totally love them and seeing them all up on the design wall reminded me why I love quilting. It’s such a feeling of satisfaction to see something like this come together. And I really didn’t have a real plan when I started (the best part to me!) I just pulled my scraps and knew I wanted to do log cabins with them. No worrying about the pattern or if I had enough fabric or how big the blocks should be. I just sat down and sewed.

I do have a confession though: Originally I was going to make all the blocks roughly 8.5″ and see how many I could get. Then, after I finished up 12 blocks I thought “Wow, this is BORING!” so I decided to mix it up. I took one of the 2.5″ orange center squares and cut it into quarters, that meant my starting square was 1.25″!! Then I had to decide, was I going to try to make those little blocks bigger or just leave them small? Well, small sounded good to me. But guess what? That was taking FOREVER! So I decided to start some other blocks with 2.5″ squares and make them BIG, or as big as my cutting mat which is about 12″ So that’s why I ended up with several different size blocks.

To anyone out there who has made an entire quilt out of the same block cut the same way over and over, I applaud you! I don’t think I have the patience to do that. (We’ll see how far I get on my Tangello quilt since it’s all paper pieced triangles).

Well, that’s my current WIP. My next confession: I have a STACK of WIPs I plan to finish this year. Some of them are being sent off to other members in my guild who want to help with binding or quilting and those will be donated. The rest, those are all up to me to finish (two of them are HAND QUILTING!) Here is that stack:

Whip those WIPs

Whip those WIPs

Be sure to follow me on IG to see my progress with these WIPs. And check back next week, hopefully you’ll see some progress on my Log Cabin QAL quilt!

Happy Stitches,


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