#quilt15February is going strong

I figured that everyone loves a good challenge and I really work well when I have a personal challenge to meet. My husband and I challenged each other to not each out for lunch or dinner more than once (each) in a week. This is HUGE for me because I have a tendency to go buy lunch EVERY day, or almost every day at work. A friend of mine usually asks me to go to lunch with her. It doesn’t seem like much but those $5 or $10 lunches really add up! I’m happy to report that I made it through one entire week and only ate out for lunch one day that my friends had already planned a lunch for. That was a BIG deal! My reward? My husband gave me a “credit” for one yard of fabric of my choice (which I have to pay for). Why did he give me that credit? I mean, I have a good paying job and I am perfectly able to buy fabric any time I would like, but that’s another challenge that we made with each other.

He said he didn’t think I could go an entire YEAR – yes 365 days – without buying ANY fabric. I’m calling it the #fabricnobuyzone challenge! If I break down and buy anything, I have to sit through multiple episodes of South Park, which is a cartoon that I absolutely HATE more than ANY other show I can think of. Although, Family Guy is a very close second. So, it’s the perfect deterrent. And I’ve made it through all of January without really even WANTING to buy fabric. I spent a good amount of 2014 buying fabric because I was stressed at work and the only consolation I could give myself was that the job paid enough so I could treat myself to some fabric, EVERY MONTH. So, yeah, I built a nice stash last year. My prize if I make it all 365 days is going to be one of those adorable little Singer Featherweight sewing machines.

Doesn’t my “credit” for a yard of fabric make more sense now? The best part? I don’t even know what I would use it on! I already ordered a 1/2 yard bundle of Doe (that was on 12/31/2014 before the No Buy Zone kicked in). Also, there was a #fabricforward giveaway hosted by someone on IG and I actually WON the fabric I had been dying for, the viewfinders from Melody Miller. And these aren’t even from her new line, they are from her ORIGINAL print of that fabric (it has a little linen texture to it). They will be the PERFECT addition to my Child of the 80’s quilt! But I WON the fabric, I couldn’t even believe it!

So what is my current challenge to myself? I’m calling it #quilt15February and so far I’m not doing too great. My goal is to sew, piece, quilt, plan SOMETHING for 15 minutes every day in February and share my progress under the tag and get others involved too. I mean, 15 minutes is barely anything! And I’m finding out that it’s difficult to quilt, sew, or create something for ONLY 15 minutes. I always want to keep going, luckily, I have had extra time so far. The truth is that once I get started I typically have a good 30 minutes to 2 hours to sew, create, or quilt! And I’m seeing progress on my Scrappy Log Cabin quilt that I would typically lament at not having enough time to work on! At this point, I’ve managed to do some sort of Quilt 15 on February 1st and 2nd, but 3rd and 4th were not so great. I’m planning to make up for that today. Truth is, it’s just been exciting to check the hash tag on IG and actually see other people joining in! It’s been amazing to see that 40 people liked my original idea to do this for 15 minutes a day and that they are encouraging each other! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

If you like a challenge, please join in, I’m hoping to put together some prizes at the end of the month for those who participate. Who knows, you might just win that fabric you REALLY wanted!

Here are just a few ways to participate in #quilt15February:

1) Cut out a project you’ve been planning for a while

2) Pull out fabrics and plan a new project

3) Sit and sew some scraps together to practice improv piecing, see how much you can sew in just 15 minutes

4) Sketch out an idea that’s been bugging you lately

5) Attend QUILTCON or another local quilt show

6) Make Valentine’s gifts for your children or their teachers

7) Load a quilt on the long arm

8) Quilt a quilt on your machine

9) Lock yourself in a quiet room and enjoy perusing your favorite quilt magazine (Or wait for the kid to fall asleep)

10) Whatever you do, take a picture and tag it with #quilt15February to be entered for prizes!!

I’ve also found that some projects can be broken down into parts, so one evening you might cut the pieces and the next night you sew some together. By the end of the week you’ll two or three blocks finished! Quilting really is my therapy!

Happy Stitches (even for 15 minutes),


One thought on “#quilt15February is going strong

  1. Nancy says:

    I generally pack my lunch the night before because I’m a zombie in the morning. I walk most lunch hours. That’s my excuse for my eating out buddies! I need the exercise to keep sane. There are exceptions of course.

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