And Just Like That…

So yeah, I bought a domain name and now I’ve changed my web identity. I decided it was time to get over my Peter Pan Syndrome and finally grow up.

I’m a wife.

I’m a mom.

I’m a mod quilter.

So why not change my name from Mod Quilt Girl to Mod Quilt Mom? Well, I did!

AND I’ve ordered the sweetest buttons to swap at QuiltCon! I just hope they get here in time!!

I’ve changed my name on IG as well to match my new domain, I’m now modquiltmom_anna on IG. There may be changes to my blog, other than the subtle changes to my header images.

I’m not sure yet. Just hope you’ll come along with me as I explore the reality that is being a modern quilting mom!

Happy Stitches (and diapers and house cleaning),


2 thoughts on “And Just Like That…

  1. Terri Ann says:

    Congrats on the identity change 🙂 I see you listen to the While She Naps podcast and I know one of the things that was talked about on an older episode was using mom in the name of a site. It’s a brave move and it if feels right to you then it’s a good call!

    • modquiltmom (Anna) says:

      Actually even though I haven’t heard that episode, I mentioned my idea about changing my name to Abby and she told me her thoughts about using the word Mom in a blog name or in my brand name. I actually want to refocus my life a little bit, it’s very heavy on the quilting side and I want to show that I’m also a mom and do things other than quilting. A lot of people will say that is what make a blog truly authentic. Since most of my posts are just random ramblings from my head (for the moment) I felt like adding MOM to my name made sense. At what point does a “girl” change to a “mom”? Well the obvious answer, when she has a kid, so I should have changed my name 3 years ago or used modquiltmom when I first started out. Thanks for your thoughts Terri Ann!

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