Savor Each Stitch – Book Bee

Savor Each Stitch book

When I saw this book, Savor Each Stitch, by Carolyn Friedlander, I knew it was a book I wanted to get. I hesitated because, well, I keep telling myself I’m not going to buy anymore quilting books (maybe 2016 will be a no buy zone for quilting books!) but in the end I decided it would be a great book to use in a Book Bee. Now, you may be wondering, “What the heck is a book bee?” Or at least I know my husband was wondering that. I mean, you guys love to quilt, why would you want to go and just talk about the idea of quilting? Of course, explaining things to him is not always the easiest task (still can’t explain why we like to cut up fabric just to sew it back together, or why we need patterns in the first place if we want our quilts to be original). I invited members of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild and anyone else who was interested to meet me at Panera Bread on the first Saturday of the month from 1-3ish for food and conversation about this book.

Last Saturday was our first meeting and even though we had a small group, I think it’s going to be a fun challenge to work on projects that focus on the concepts of design that Carolyn features in her book Savor Each Stitch.

Our first meeting focused on the first chapter of the book about Lines. We talked about what project we want to make as our focus during this book bee. I already knew I wanted to make Aerial Grove (or some variation of it) but it’s not very “line oriented” except as we looked at it, we noticed, the background is quilted with straight lines that hint to the rows of orange trees (or at least I think they do).

I went home from our meeting inspired to start pulling out fabrics and get started! So, I’ve added yet another project to my WIPs BUT this time I have a schedule. We have to bring something to the next meeting in April and I am determined that I’ll have my background quilted and have started putting the circles on the top. In fact, my background is already pieced and basted for me to quilt!

If you have this book and want to join us virtually, please let me know! We’d love to have you along for the journey!

That’s my Wednesday Update, how is your day going?



4 thoughts on “Savor Each Stitch – Book Bee

  1. Wanda Dotson says:

    I have the book and want to participate in the Book Bee — but I’m in Virginia. Any suggestions on how I can take part? flickr, maybe, or through a post or link on your blog; I’d love to see what the other members of the Bee are making.

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