QuiltCon Monday


NOTE: In the following post you will see the hashtag (#) symbol used a few times. If you log in to Instagram, you can do a search for any of these hashtags and see any post that someone has created and used that tag.

Something exciting is happening in a few days! The Modern Quilt Guild quilt show called QuiltCon! This is the second year for it to take place and it’s going to rock our socks off! Of course, I’ve joined in the fun of the #quiltconpinswap and ordered up about 100 little pin backed buttons to swap around with people. I’ve also started some #franticquiltconbagmaking because, well a girl needs a new cute handmade bag to show off at QuiltCon (to all the other people who are sporting their handmade bags). I’m working on a #241tote by Noodlehead designs and her bag patterns are so darn popular that there is even going to be a Noodlehead Bag Photo taken at 12:15 pm on Saturday 02/21!! I’ll be working at the registration desk but fortunately, the picture is taking place right next to the Reg Desk so hopefully I can hop over and get in on that, as long as I get the bag done in time (I feel a little like Cinderella).

In QuiltCon 2013, the Weekender Tote by Amy Butler was probably the MOST popular bag around but I think this year it’s going to to be the 241 tote or something similar.

Also, when I went to QuiltCon in 2013, I had just moved to Houston, so I drove by myself and I was a Super Volunteer which meant I had to “work” 16 hours in the 3 or 4 days I was there. I was busy the entire time I didn’t really even get to enjoy the quilts! So this year will be different! I am only volunteering twice.

Friday 4-6 pm at the Texas MQG booth (come say Hi and get a button if you want!)

Saturday 12-4 pm at the Registration Desk

Then, I have meet ups in the evening and a class on Saturday evening. I think the #QuiltConNightLife is going to be the best part of QuiltCon this year! Also all the crazy socializing with people I know on Instagram or even from Facebook (yes, Bradie and Matt Sparrow, that means you). I may have hyped this up in my head but I think this year is going to be the best QuiltCon ever!

Also, if you’re curious about who will be attending QuiltCon, check out #helloquiltcon to see actual “selfie” pictures of people attending! It was a fun little tag that circulated for a few days and lots of people shared pictures! Now some of the vendors have started to say hi too!

On a sad note for me but exciting for people in those regions, QuiltCon is moving away from Austin and will be bouncing back and forth between the coasts starting in 2016, but it will be offered EVERY YEAR! So even though getting there will be a little trickier, I hope I get to go again in the future. I’m determined to make this a very memorable year!

Happy Stitches,


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