Totally Tuned In: Dear Handmade Life and While She Naps Podcast

Recently I listened to the first full episode of a new podcast for Dear Handmade Life. It was all about organizing craft shows and the craziness behind the scenes that the attendees don’t really ever have to see. Imagine my surprise when they introduced one of the guests on the show as the organizer of a large craft show in Houston, TX called Pop Shop – Houston! I’ve never heard of that and I LIVE in Houston! Of course now I have to check out the next one which is on March 8th. I will certainly be curious to see what it’s all about. The ladies who host this show are the masterminds behind a huge craft show in CA called Patchwork Show (which they started because there wasn’t one in their area), a Craft and Business Retreat called Craftcation and the Blog on Dear Handmade Life. Now they’ve started up a podcast, because I guess they just weren’t busy enough.  But it’s awesome, just like they are so I’m glad they did it!

I also want to say thanks to Abby from While She Naps for talking about the Craft Sanity podcast in her weekly newsletter. I’ve started listening to those episodes as well and since that one has been going on since before my dumb phone got an upgrade (circa 2007), I have a lot to catch up on! (Abby is also the reason I know about the Dear Handmade Life site in the first place.)

I’m very excited to find out if anyone will be podcasting from QuiltCon or maybe prepping to have a post QuiltCon podcast. If I find out anything, I’ll share that info on here tomorrow.

When I hear about a new podcast I just go to my phone, open up the Podcast Addict app (I have a Samsung Galaxy 4) and search for the podcast. Then I download the episodes I want to listen to (usually when I’m stretching before I hit the treadmill) because then they are saved on my phone and don’t have to be online (i.e. zapping my battery) for them to play! Yes, I’m weird and I will turn off the WiFi option and any sort of Internet Access option (on my phone it’s called Mobile Network) when I’m not using it. Supposedly this saves battery life and doesn’t use up data that way (I also have a ridiculous plan that only gives me 500 MB a month of data, silly I know).

I’d love to hear about the podcasts you are listening to. I’m always down for a good one and I have a 3 hour drive (each way!) with plenty of air space to fill on my way to Austin on Friday (not to mention the drive back).

Happy Stitches,


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