Insta-Friday: Tag a Friend and the Fabric Black Market

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Welcome back to Insta-Friday! I took last week off because my son turned 3 last week and I spent Friday planning and preparing for his party on Saturday!

I hope you’ve had a chance to jump in to Instagram a little to see how fun it is. Thanks to those who have sent me DMs to test out my instructions in the last post. I’m glad to see that my instructions were helpful.

Today I want to cover a few more features of IG that I didn’t hit last time.

Tag a Friend

Maybe you just spent the absolute best day with your BFFs shopping and having lunch and you want to make sure that they know about the pictures you post on IG. Well, if your BFFs are on IG, then you can tag them in your picture, just like you probably already do on Facebook! There is a little trick to it (of course).

When you post the picture, you will need to tap on the tiny icon that looks like a person in order to tag them on the picture. That will only show up as a little call out near the person’s face (or where ever you put it) on the picture, but people who see your post and tap on the pic will see anyone you tagged.

You can also tag your friend in the description you post about the picture. Just put the @ symbol in front of your friend’s IG name and it will notify them that they’ve been tagged. The nifty part of IG is that if you can’t remember your friend’s IG name, which is CRE8TIVEGRL52, when you put the @ symbol and start to type your friend’s name (Sandy Smith) you will probably get a pop up box with names that are similar to Sandy’s name. That makes it easy to find her name and select it. I’ve noticed that this option doesn’t always work on my Galaxy S4 for some reason, I think it has to do with the predictive text on the keyboard when I am typing.

NOTE: When you comment on a picture your buddy posts, they will automatically get a notification that you replied on their post, you don’t HAVE to tag them in your reply. I notice a lot of people will do that, but it’s a little redundant since they are posting a reply to the original person who posted. It might save you about 3 seconds but those seconds really add up!


modquiltmom_anna: My boy turned 3 today!

IGGirl1: @modquiltmom_anna Aww, how cute!

Fabric Black Market on IG

Are you ready for the best and worst secret on Instagram for Quilters? There is a black market that has more fabric than you could possibly imagine all available at the tap of a finger as quick as you can type your e-mail address! I’m not sure how long ago it happened but maybe a year or so ago, a popular IG person and a few of her friends decided they wanted to host a fabric DESTASH using Instagram as the platform for the sale. They created a hash tag #thegreatfabricdestash and started creating a buzz before the actual event occurred. It was meant to be a few days long, starting on a set day, anyone who wanted to sell some of their fabric stash (for whatever reason) would share pictures and the price of the items. The people who wanted them would post their paypal e-mail plus a zip code. Then the original seller would send the purchaser a paypal invoice and go from there. The FIRST person to comment with their e-mail is the one who “claims” the item.

Well, the buzz started to grow, as it often does in social media and when the actual even occurred it probably involved a few hundred posts from different people. As of today, maybe a year or so later, there have been more than 80,000 posts to that tag! Yes, you read that correctly eighty THOUSAND!

Granted, now some folks who have online shops have started listing their new items in the tag (personally, that bugs me) and there isn’t anyone who monitors or regulates the tag, I mean, how would that even be possible.

People who sell their items are SUPPOSED to delete the post once it’s sold to help clean up the feed, but people don’t follow that rule very much either.

I find it’s a fun tag to browse when I’m bored, or curious. Some fabrics become hard to find and then when they pop up on the feed, they go for outrageous prices, like $10 per fat quarter or something crazy like that. I’m not buying fabric at all this year, but I have used the tag to sell some of my fabric on occasion. I call it the black market of fabric because it’s not a known platform for selling items. It’s just a hash tag on Instagram. IG doesn’t get ANY revenue from these sales. The only outside source who might profit is PayPal or the postal carrier (gotta love flat rate shipping). That’s what I like about it, it’s completely organic.

There is also a tag called #thegreatfabricdestashISO for people who are searching for a specific out of print or hard to find fabric.

Some folks have tried to start a swapping tag or a trading tag, but none have been nearly as popular as #thegreatfabricdestash.

Oh, and it’s better than Etsy because even though there are thousands of listings and it’s not possible to search within the tag (I wish I could search for just Amy Butler prints in the Destash tag) it’s actually a lot smaller than Etsy and the listings are VERY specific (fabric, patterns, a few handmade items) and you KNOW the target audience is looking there for fabric.

Well, I think that’s it for now. If you have any other questions about IG or want me to explain something a little more, please leave me a comment so we can continue the conversation!

Happy Stitches,


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