Work in Progress Wednesday – Savor Each Stitch


A study in lines and some contrast for the Savor Each Stitch Book Bee


My Savor Each Stitch Book Bee group had another meeting last Saturday. I hadn’t really made much progress on my little project other than the hand stitching of the middle section of the background. Luckily, Friday was a holiday from work for me (and the boy could still go to daycare) so I was able to relax and really savor the stitches! I decided to machine stitch the sections on either side of the center (both for the contrasted look and for the sake of time). This was a fun way to explore lines which is the subject of the first chapter.

Originally I was going to use some other fabrics for the circles (or squircles, because they are cut from squares) but I decided that since I’m most likely going to hang this project somewhere in my cubicle and look at it often, I should use fabric that I love to look at, so I decided to pull some of my Amy Butler stash. Luckily the circles are quite small so I used the scraps I had on hand. The next chapter in the book is about Contrast and I originally interpreted that as the colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel, which is why I pulled blues and reds. Red is not a color that I usually use in my projects and it’s a little outside of what Amy Butler typically uses in her designs (we’re both water signs I think because we both love greens and blues, in fact her birthday is in the same month as mine!)

After my discussion with the other bee participants, I feel I need to explore contrast a little more in a different project, but this one has been fun and I think I may try to mount it on a frame instead of just doing a facing. I like the idea of making it literally 3 dimensional to enhance the texture of the hand stitching.

One thing I did learn was that if you put Steam a Seam on the back of something that you plan to hand stitch, you should leave a small area around the edge without the interfacing because it was difficult to hand stitch the pieces once they were steamed on the quilt. And yes, they are hand stitched around the edge.

Don’t forget you can quickly see more pictures of my progress for this bee if you look up the tag #savoreachstitchbee on Instagram.

So that’s my WIP for the week. What are you all up to?

Happy Stitches,


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