Progress Report a.k.a Work in Progress Wednesday

The beginning of something

The beginning of something

I really surprised myself over the weekend. I started a new project and felt like I made significant progress. During a recent retreat my new friend Jennilee and I started chatting about my new made up hashtag/challenge to myself called Use It or Lose It. She asked what it was and I said I was challenging myself to use my fabric, not just my scraps but the yardage I have on my shelves. Even to the point of using my favorite fabric too. She thought it was a great idea so we decided to challenge each other to make a quilt top using some sort of square pattern in the month of August.  Given that this girl finished something ridiculous like 3 or 4 quilts over the course of the weekend I may have been a little too excited to challenge her. I’m pretty lucky if I finish an entire quilt in one year.

Well, then Kim (owner of Honey Hill Retreat center) went and showed me her Trip Around the World quilt made with 30s prints and I realized that would be the perfect pattern! It’s so fast, the cutting is uber simple and it really does use up a lot of fabric.  So on Saturday I spent every free minute cutting my blues, reds and some low volume into strips.

Everything is still laying out on my sewing/dining room table, I have a little work station set up and I keep all the sharp and pointy objects out of reach but this way I can go over and sew for a short burst of time when the kid is distracted and I feel like I’m really making progress!


In fact, I’ve finished 5 blocks since Sunday! This is blocks 1-4 (of course) As you can see, I’m using reds, aquas and trying to use some low volume to create a secondary pattern but it’s not quite working out. I’m OK with that though. The point was to get a quilt top finished in the month of August. I may need two extra weeks to work on it but I think I might meet the challenge! And Jennilee is on a work trip out of town this week so I get a head start on her, haha!

If you want to follow along with this progress, check out my tag #useitorloseitstash and also check out #sewtake20 which is a tag created by a few of my Late Night Quilter buddies who are trying to break projects down into 20 minute bites and sew every day. So far this week I’ve managed to Sew on Monday and Wednesday! It feels great! Although I think tonight I need to start everything even earlier. Staying up past midnight is killing me.

Happy Stitches,


2 thoughts on “Progress Report a.k.a Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. Lisa in Port Hope says:

    I sew after my daughter goes to bed. Yesterday I sewed first then went on to vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen. It felt great to have that half hour of me-time while I was still fresh.

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