Never Say Never: Learn something new


A local quilt shop recently relocated roughly a mile away from my house! This shop was previously about 10 miles away and while I had visited before, their limited hours made it difficult to get over there. And frankly, the few times I had stopped in, they were not overly welcoming or friendly. Well, I decided to stop in again now that I pass by their shop AT LEAST twice a day and they have extended hours (until 7 pm) on Thursday and on Friday they host Quilt Til You Wilt (QTYW) until 9 pm! My wonderful husband encouraged me to attend the QTYW last week because work has been more stressful than usual. So I went, and even though I didn’t make it in until 7 pm I met a few new people, including an Instagram friend, and it was REALLY fun! And let me tell you, these sweet ladies that I met definitely do NOT identify themselves as “modern quilters” even though the one I bonded with the most had brought a quilt made entirely of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, shared lots of pictures of projects from Gwen Marsten (I call her the Wonky Block Queen) and I think she would fit in quite well at the HMQG meetings.

Sharon and me at Quilt Til You Wilt

Sharon and me at Quilt Til You Wilt

The coolest thing is that Sharon has said she would be happy to teach me needle turn applique which is something I’ve been very curious about ever since I saw the new BOM by Carolyn Freidlander.

Mina and me, just hanging out at QTYW

Mina and me, just hanging out at QTYW

My other new friend is one that I met through Instagram, she made the trek all the way from Katy to visit Quiltworks on Friday and I was so glad to meet her in real life!

Honestly, I only took a hand quilting project with me (and was able to share my knowledge about the Big Stitch with some very enthusiastic ladies) but in the two hours I was there, I didn’t really get much stitching finished! I mostly ended up sharing the stuff in my head that included: What is Instagram, What are Podcasts, Which podcasts should you listen to, Which books am I loving right now (The Improv Handbook for the Modern Quilter and Savor Each Stitch) and some of the projects I’ve worked on (except for Mina, the ladies there were not on Instagram or social media so everything I’ve made was new to them!)

In the end, I left feeling excited and inspired and my exhaustion from the LOOOONG week of meetings was temporarily gone. I also realized that one should never say never.

I used to stay that I would NEVER want to learn paper piecing but with the right person to show me how, I found a new LOVE for this technique! I also never really thought I had the time or patience to learn/do needle turn applique. But then I saw the Carolyn Freidlander BOM and I’m intrigued. She also has some projects in Savor Each Stitch that are needle turn and I think I may use one or two of those to get my feet wet. Curved piecing sort of gives me the chills (not in a good way) but I’m intrigued with the idea and projects I’ve seen in The Improv Handbook which are all curved piecing.

Lastly, never say never when you are thinking about who you want to share with or talk to when it comes to quilting. Just because someone is younger or older than you, it doesn’t mean they automatically fall into the traditional or modern quilter box. I admit to having a little bit of a bias against the people at this shop because the shop doesn’t sell a lot of modern fabric (or if they do, it’s mixed in with everything else instead of displayed separately) but that doesn’t mean they are bad people. In fact, the ladies at QTYW seemed very excited about the ideas and techniques I was showing THEM, which I find to be exciting.

The only thing is that I have heard once or twice lately the comment “Well those modern quilters…” and I’m a little concerned that there is a distinct separation when in reality, we are just making what we love and we want to share that.

Overall, it was a fun experience and Sharon and her friend Laura invited me to their Monday bee which can go until 8 pm (the shop stays open for them) and mentioned a Sunday bee, so now I feel like I’ve got the inside track on some events that happen at a time that is a little more compatible with my crazy schedule. (And if I have anything to do with it, they will soon have a BOM bee for the Carolyn Freidlander Collections Quilt and maybe they will start ordering some of the other pretty fabrics that are more toward my taste.)

Happy Stitches,


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