Deep Thoughts


I love to sew, I love to make things from little bits of fabric.  Sometimes I start making things and get a little distracted but we all do that, right? I see every project, finished or not, as a learning process.  Toward the end of 2015 I learned how to sew curves, or at least how to sew the Drunkard’s Path block. I didn’t attend a class, I didn’t watch a tutorial online, I just cut the fabric and sewed it together.  For the most part, they came out pretty good. I used to think I had passion for creating and drive for teaching people to sew. Those are important ingredients if you own your own business. You have to believe passionately in what you’re doing and have the drive to make it a viable business.

I still have passion to create but the drive isn’t there as much anymore. Maybe that’s what we call losing our sew-jo.  I don’t know if I’ve lost mine or I’m just feeling low today for whatever reason. I wish I could do a job everyday where I had both passion and drive.  I wish I could be as excited to go to work as I am when I get to go to a quilt retreat.  I know that some people who seem to have jobs like that.  I guess they are the lucky ones. Or maybe they just portray that their job is that great.

I decided to choose a word to inspire me this year. Last year I chose Happy and every time I saw a poster or quote or sign that said something about happy (which was pretty often) it reminded me to be happy. I believe the saying that happiness is an inside job.

This year my word is passion. I think I was spending my life on auto pilot, just trying to make it through every day. This year I want that to change. If I do something I want it to be with passion,  throw my whole self into it. My family has a little tendency to be obsessive about things. My dad will choose an interest and pursue it with passion for at least a month and then move on to the next thing. My sister is the same way.  My mom is passionate about football (the Cowboys) and basketball (the Spurs) and recently I’ve actually been able to chat with her because I’ve started watching the Texans play.

I always thought my passion was sewing or quilting and I think it still is, but at this moment, my passion is getting my house in order. I’ve started reading the Marie Kondo book about tidying/decluttering and it is making a difference. It’s inspired me to spend an entire evening methodically cleaning out my kitchen cupboards.

I think passion also means being present for my family. I sometimes slip into Instagram world where I only want to scroll through and see what’s new and I ignore everyone else. I don’t want to miss my family moments because I’m involved in what other people are doing on social media.

I think the sew-jo will come back eventually but for right now, I have other things to do. This is why I intentionally do not choose to do projects with deadlines. I’m only accountable to myself (except the Quilters Bee Mod which is one block a month).

Oh and my other passion right now is getting into shape. I’m trying to reach my daily step goal a couple times a week and that’s really hard! Thankfully hubby was supportive of us joining a gym so we can both go and the kid can go to a play room.

Well that’s all my deep thoughts for the day. Do you have a guiding word this year?


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