Modern Mommy Monday


We’re coming up on MJ’s 4th birthday and I think every year when it gets close to his birthday I start thinking about the things I’ve done as a mom (with hubs’ contribution if course) that have worked or not worked. The big one this year is that he’s going to be ready to move to a booster seat in the car. That means the ginormous car seat we bought for him 4 years ago will be no more, that’s HUGE!
He’s gone through so many milestones this year, potty training was a HUGE one (that happened right before he turned 3 but it’s taken this whole year to get through the night dry). He’s also starting to sleep in his big boy bed, and has consciously decided he does NOT want to sleep in his toddler bed anymore. We’ve purposely made decisions to encourage him to be independent and make choices that reflect that and I enjoy seeing him choose the big bed over the toddler bed. He has also sorted through his toys and decided which ones he wants to give away to his “friends” (which means donate to Goodwill).

I think I was a non traditional parent when it came to baby stuff. We bought the giant convertible car seat instead of the carrier, I never really carried a huge diaper bag, just kept back ups in the car. I shopped at resale shops and we are so fortunate that a friend has a son who is 2 years older than MJ and when she cleans out his clothes we are the willing recipient.

I never worried about a heated wipe holder and honestly we lived in a one bedroom apartment and the boy never had a nursery, he slept in a bassinet (gift from a friend) and we didn’t buy a crib until he was at least 6 months old.

I guess I’ve started to think about this more because I have 5 friends who recently announced they are preggers and that always makes me reflect on the way I have done things as a parent.

To those 5 friends who probably don’t even read my blog, best of luck to you, I’m always here if you want some mommy or baby advice (but don’t expect it to be conventional wisdom). And I sincerely hope that I am able to make all of you something that will make being a new mom easier and more joyful.

Happy stitches,


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