Work in Progress Wednesday


This one has been in progress since my friend found out she was having a boy and close the colors/theme for her nursery. Well that little boy is about 18 months old now and I’m finally getting around to quilting this adorable little quilt! And it’s just a simple zigzag so I don’t know why I haven’t done it earlier. My justification is that now he will really be able to use it as a small child instead of just laying on it as a baby. Yeah,  that sounds good.  Right?

I started quilting it on Monday night, despite being tired. I had to fight off the urge to just veg on the couch and get upstairs to get it started.  Now that it’s in progress I want to finish it up ASAP! I’m using my Big Mama Janome 1600P which only does a straight stitch and with the walking foot is perfect for this project!

My goal is to get the quilting finished and binding and washing done (oh don’t forget the label)  in time to deliver it to mommy and boy by the time my kid turns 4 because they will be at his party in March.

OK, I’ve put it out into the world so now the obliger in me has to get it done!

Happy Stitches,


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