Quilt Stories


For the majority of my quilt making life the quilts I’ve made have had a personal purpose. I mean of course the purpose was to make something to keep me warm or to use pretty fabric. I’ve made one sample for a booth at Quilt market, it was several quilted pillow covers. That was fun at the time and then stressful when working on a deadline.

It seems like lately I see so many quilts that are made as a sample for quilt market (fall or spring) or to hang in a show (QuiltCon or Houston IQF) but do those quilts have the same story as one made for a new baby or a wedding quilt? What about one made with the fabric from clothes of a loved one who has passed to bring back memories whenever you’re snuggled under it or see it on display? I wonder about the story that the quilts that hang at market have. They are so beautiful and are often made with special care knowing that they will be put on display with the intention of promoting fabric line or new thread. Is that the beginning of that quilt’s story?

In 2015 at IQF I came across a booth in the Non-Profit booth area called the Quilt Alliance. I noticed that their mission is to document the history of a quilt. It didn’t take more than three minutes to decide to join this amazing group. This year, in 2016 I volunteered at the booth and spent a fun two hours encouraging people to sign the “Label Your Quilt” pledge. The Quilt Alliance is not just about encouraging people to label their quilts, they are the hosts behind the Share Our Stories and Go Tell It at the Quilt Show, short videos about the maker and the story behind the quilts hanging at different quilt shows. They even have a YouTube channel with these stories!

If you’ve made quilts for display at market or specifically to enter in a show, I’d love to talk to you about this. Also if you only make quilts for family/friends I’d love to hear your story too. Please fill out the form below and I’ll get in contact with you soon.

Happy stitches,


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