Tutorial: Something You May Not Know about PicMonkey

I learned something about PicMonkey (the FREE photo editing website) that made me do a “Doh!” Homer move.

I’ve used PicMonkey lots of times to import my own photo and add cool effects, crazy fonts or neat stamp-like images. I’ve used it to create a banner for multiple blogs and websites and those little badge type images for your blog sidebar. All this time, I wished there was a way to create layers, similar to the process within Adobe Elements or other photo editing software. What I didn’t know was that the ability to import those layers was staring me in the face all along!

Today, I spent roughly an hour creating a custom invitation for my son’s birthday party. I was pretty darn proud of myself too. Really quick, before I tell you the cool thing about PicMonkey, do you want to know the fast steps I took to create that invitation?

NOTE: If you are lucky and your kid wants a Nick Jr. themed party, such as Paw Patrol (which mine had last year) check out the Nick Jr. website, last year I was able to download a printable invitation and just did a screenshot and added in his info on my computer, then I loaded it to the Facebook Event. This year, we have to create fancy printed invitations because we’re including the kids from his daycare class

Step 1) Determine a theme (my son chose Monster Jam/Monster Trucks)

Step 2) Search Google for invitation ideas, you can pretty much just type in “[theme] invitations” and a ton of images and websites will appear.

Step 3) Grab some wording that looks good, an image or two that you like and make sure you have the location and time of the event *yes, I Googled the location too.

Step 4) Open PicMonkey and Select the Design Option. The default will give you a large white square background (and by large, I mean 2000 x 2000 pixels, so keep that in mind when you’re adding text.

Step 5) Select a font you like and add the text, I chose a couple different fonts for interest and to highlight the Where and When information headings.

Now at this point, you’ve done all of this and you’re wondering HOW do I add that really cool picture of a Batman Monster truck to this cool invitation?? Well, I’m about to tell you…

Step 6) On the left menu on PicMonkey, select the Overlay option (it’s a butterfly icon), at the very top of that menu is an ADD YOUR OWN button. I’ve always ignored this button because it never made sense to me that I would have any overlays to add, but when I tried it and the window to select a file popped up, I said “doh!” and immediately selected the image of the Batman Monster truck that I had saved previously. TIP: If you pull the image in to Word or PowerPoint first you can add a cool effect, like a faded border and then from THERE, right-click and save the picture, it should save with the faded border effect on it.

Step 7) Save the image of the invitation you created and then import to Word for easy printing (card stock recommended)

Step 8) Trim the invitation down and layer on some color card stock for more WOW.

Step 9) Deliver to your child’s classmates and smile as you get that “Wow, she’s a super mom” look from the other parents (or not, because you drop the kid off at 7:30am when no one else is there)


Happy Stitches!


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