Gearing up for 2015

I am really looking forward to 2015. I think it will be a great year. I’m finally settling into my job (only took 2 years for that) and I think I’ve gotten a decent routine down at home with the kid for sleep schedule and such.

Have any of you completed the Modern Quilt Guild Survey for 2014?  I just did mine a few days ago and one of the questions REALLY struck me with a tough realization. The question was:

How many quilts have you completed in 2014?

My answer? 0-3

WOW, ZERO to THREE completed quilts in an ENTIRE YEAR! And guess what? One of those three was the mini I finished for the Little Quilts Mini Swap that I send out in December!  That’s kind of pitiful, so it got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2015. Here are some of the “events” I’m participating in during 2015 that should get me motivated to finish stuff. Luckily, these also don’t have a ton of commitment required for them, I don’t have to send anything off or mail by a certain date. They are just casual events that will keep me accountable (to myself and my IG friends) to do something and maybe even finish something along the way!

I’m excited about the Scrappy Log Cabin QAL starting on 01/01/2015. I thought it was just going to be one day but it has sort of expanded to last the entire month! Of course, you can check out the hash tag #scrappylogcabinqal to see more about that little event (including giveaways!) Or, if you’re like me and only have one day in the entire month when you can sew (mine is 01/02/2015 because son’s daycare is open and I’m off from work) then just sew along with me on 01/01/15 or 01/02/15.

I’ve also committed myself to the #fabricfast2015 started by @whatthebobbin (Amanda) which means, I will NOT buy any fabric in 2015! My husband is keeping me accountable for this one. If I buy fabric, I have to watch 5 episodes of South Park with him! I don’t know if you have seen South Park but I absolutely HATE that show, so it’s a pretty good reason to keep to my fast. Plus, I’ve spent most of 2014 buying fabric because a) I was stressed out at work and it’s easy to shop online or b) I didn’t have time to sew, so bought fabric instead or c) I color sorted my stash early in the year and realized I had WAY too much blue, red and green, and sorely lacked in the orange, yellow and purple group so I have been stashing that all year. But now that my stash is beefed up (I’ve gotten an awesome collection of low volumes along the way as well) I’m actually excited to create something new and amazing in 2015 with all this beautiful fabric! I mean, that’s what’s it’s for, right? Why just keep it all pretty and folded on the shelf, why not USE it before the trends change and it becomes akin to the “fabric from the dark ages”?

As the Charity Quilting Coordinator for my local guild (the Houston MQG) I’ve presented a challenge for anyone who wanted to participate. Back in September of 2014 I gave out FREE fabric bundles (created from the fabric that had been donated to the guild) to the participants with the challenge to MAKE something with that fabric. It wasn’t necessarily modern but it was generally color coordinated. They were to go home and make something, adding as much or as little fabric as they needed/wanted to complete a quilt (top or quilted it didn’t matter to me). We set the deadline to return a quilt for January 2015. So far, I’ve had 3 or 4 people give me completed quilts! Yes, that even means quilted and BOUND!! And now we have a nice stack of quilts to donate, but I’m still waiting for the rest of the quilts to come back in January. So if you’re curious about that, check out the #hmqgcharityquiltchallenge tag on IG. I can’t wait to take a picture of all the finished quilts! (I guess I need to finish mine as well)

One more little “event” I’m going to play along with in 2015 is the Finish Along 2015 (#fal2015) which is so easy to participate in! Just post a picture of your UFOs (even those that you have fabric and pattern chosen for but haven’t started) and then post pictures as you finish them! I think there are giveaways and prizes to be associated with this one as well. I’m not as concerned about the prizes as I am about finishing stuff!

So as you can see, it’s going to be a busy year, but hopefully a great year of accomplishment as well. I’m hoping I’ll be able to say I finished 4-6 quilts in 2015. I have at least 4 that only need binding and then they will be ready to go!

Are you making any fabulous goals for 2015? Are you participating in any QALs or guild sponsored events? I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to (or maybe you’re still stressing about Christmas, which is completely understandable too).

Happy Stitches,


Words in my Head

Playing with the Cool Kids

Now that it’s not especially cool (or as easy) to blog as it is to use IG, I guess I’ll start blogging again. Seriously though, if you happen to follow me on IG or are friends with me on Facebook, you’ll probably know more about my life than some of my family members. So I can’t really figure out anything that I could show here on my blog (in pictures) that would be “news.” I did work on something over the weekend though (shocker!) although I really IGed the heck out of it and some of it is a secret because it’s for a swap.

Let’s talk about swaps

I think swaps with random, unknown people are for the birds! I’ve participated in 3 swaps IN MY LIFE and so far, haven’t been impressed. The first two were through a Flickr group. There was so much hype about participating and being “selected” (especially if you’re a newbie swapper) that I was just so thrilled to be accepted! My mistake was joining two swaps which had deadline/ship dates that were VERY close to each other. Considering that at the time I had a 6-8 month old child and full time job this was probably not the best idea. Then, the items I received in the swap were either half finished (and really late) or just sort of “eh” I mean, I don’t think the girl really took my tastes into consideration even though I was incredibly specific in my reply to the questionnaire we filled out. Plus, the theme of the swap was SUPER general, one was Sew Sew Modern. Can you GET more general than that? But you know, that was all part of last year and I’m pretty much over it. Pretty much. Although, due to the disappointing results of those swaps I promised myself that I would NEVER participate in another swap. And if you’re on IG, you KNOW that there are swaps GALORE to join in! Plus, the images of what people make and send and receive in those swaps are so amazing that every one is like a little voice saying “join the swap, join the swap”

Always listen to the voice of reason.

Well, this fall, against the other voice in my head, I joined another swap. This one was through IG. This was a little more structured, we had to make a mini quilt from a specific book. Great! That really narrows down the choices. But somehow, I managed to be matched with a partner who doesn’t use IG to shout to the world what sort of colors she likes or fabric she likes. She is a very sweet person, but from what I could figure out after IG “stalking” her was, she has a cute dog, was renovating her house, and seemed to like more traditional colors and designs when it came to quilts. Well, I guess I managed to guess pretty well because her feedback when she received the quilt was that she loved it! Now, have I received mine yet? Nope. But I have been told that it’s almost done (she decided to start over) and she’ll be shipping it out shortly. OK, that’s fine. I’d rather have something that the sender can be happy with/proud of than something that was just thrown together and sent anyway just so it would be sent on time. At least now I can hold off with asking hubby if I received anything in the mail, for a couple of weeks anyway.

The SAMQG Ultimate Mini Swap

I’m participating in one last swap for 2014 and I think it may be my last secret swap ever. This one is a little different though. It’s with my “home” guild, the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild. I am making a mini quilt for someone whom I have met in person and hung out with on occasion. I know more about this girl that what is just on a form we filled out or what is on her IG feed. I did learn something new about her color preferences which helped guide my fabric choices for this project. And let me tell you about the project. Well, I thought I had decided on a pattern, I already had my fabric and I was ready to go. I started working on something and it didn’t go as well as I hoped. I realized I had pieced it wrong and I just wasn’t really “feeling it” Then I opened a free pattern from Sam Hunter, author of Quilt Talk, that I received because I signed up for her newsletter. When I saw that pattern, with the words “YOU ROCK!” right in the middle. I absolutely KNEW that was the quilt I needed to make for my partner. Because, well, she does rock (more about that after the reveal in January).

The GOOD thing about this swap, was the thoroughness of the form we filled out. Even though we mostly know each other (our partners are a secret though) we could learn something new about them and get a good feel for what to make. The funniest thing is that the SAMQG isn’t really a big “swap” kind of guild. We make amazing stuff and share it with the group each month but swaps were never a huge focus. But when I moved to Houston, the HMQG, has been doing some sort of swap EVERY month (optional, of course), and well, I never really participated in the swaps (shocker, right?)

I absolutely know in my heart that whatever I receive for the SAMQG swap will be awesome. There isn’t a single person in the guild (and I don’t know all of them in person since I moved to Houston 2 years ago) that I wouldn’t just adore whatever they make. And I think that makes all the difference. 

Plus, as my husband pointed out, he couldn’t really understand why I went to all this trouble to buy fabric, stress over what my partner likes or dislikes, make something against a deadline, just to send it away! I might as well buy fabric I like, make something I like, on my timeline, and hang it in my sewing space (or office cubicle) and enjoy it and the time I put into it.

Quilters are Generous

I strongly feel that a whole, quilters are incredibly generous people. We want to make things for others because while we would love the final product for ourselves, making for others and seeing the look on their face (or the number of heart emojis on their IG post) makes giving that special project away something even more special. Also, when there is a deadline, and a specific recipient, it’s a reason to MAKE it! If we just waited until we had time to make something for ourselves, it would probably never get made. (Although I’m an admitted selfish quilter and I’m fine with that.)

In the end, if you want to participate in every swap out there and work against crazy deadlines and get all excited about what people send and receive, great! Do it! Swaps are NOT my cup of tea and in 2015 I’m committing to only work on projects I want to work on, on MY timelines. Because the very limited time I have to make things should be spent making what I want to create.

That means, if I want to make something for a special friend who comforted me when I was depressed or another friend who was generous with her time, I should do that, and not stress over the time it’s “due” because it will be due when it’s done.

Let me mention that this is difficult for me because I’m a “joiner” I’m one of those people who never really got to sit at the table with the cool kids so I would join whatever clubs I could and if I couldn’t find a club, I’d create my own. So refraining from all those cool IG swaps is going to be tough. But that’s part of becoming the person I want to be. I don’t want to be stressed out and cranky because I’m making something I don’t love.

Life is too short to make things you don’t love!

What do YOU think about swaps? For the three people who actually read this blog (thanks for getting this far!) I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Stitches,

New Opportunities


Ever since I closed my sewing studio in 2011, I’ve felt like I was trying to find a niche. Granted, I moved to an entirely different city, started a new job and continued my other job of being mom to my sweet baby boy and a wife, of course. So it was difficult to figure out what I’m meant to do. I don’t think my “day job” is really ever going to be my “passion”. Even though there are times when I do really enjoy it, most of the time it’s a roller coaster of stress and craziness and well, I’m sure eventually that will settle down but for the next year or so, that’s probably not going to change.


Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out where I fit in the quilting world. I’ve thought about starting up my fabric store and just honestly don’t have any time to spend marketing, listing, promoting, cutting and packing and shipping orders. The time I have away from my 40 hour a week job is precious. Not only to spend with my family, but to spend making stuff, mostly paper pieced quilt blocks or just playing with improv patchwork.

I thought about some areas that seem to be in need of a “solution” in the quilting industry (can you tell I watch Shark Tank?), but most of that goes back to retail, and I don’t want to be in that arena. I think there are plenty of online fabric shops selling awesome modern fabric that I don’t want to try to compete with. Same goes for selling other quilting related products.

So the next thought was, what is my real passion? I love to quilt, or make quilts. But will anyone ever really pay me to make quilts? I mean, pay me enough to provide for my family the same way I do now? The answer is most likely no. Also, I’ve known so many quilters who quilt for others and they get burned out so quickly. Whether it’s long arm quilting or making commissioned quilts. Then it’s not fun anymore.


While I was hanging out sort of in limbo, not content to just be a quilter in a big world of quilters, something interesting happened. A few friends/connections that I have through the Houston MQG, Instagram and Facebook posted about needing pattern testers. I thought, hmm, pattern tester? That could be fun. I am always saying (to myself or anyone else who will listen) that I dislike how patterns are written. Even the boutique and small designer ones. I feel like those who write the patterns sometimes don’t realize that the person who chooses to make that pattern might not be on the same level as the designer. Of course, that’s the purpose of a tester, right?

So I quickly replied to those requests and got the chance to test patterns for a few folks! The bonus for me at this point is a) free pattern and b) my day job (the one that pays for my crazy fabric habit) happens to be one where I develop training materials for adults so testing a pattern and offering suggestions for improvement is just a natural extension of what I do anyway.


Then, and yes, it gets better, a friend from the San Antonio MQG re-posted a request from Melissa Ybarra from Iza Pearl Designs asking for help making items for Quilt Market booth/publication for her new fabric. She offered to SEND the volunteer makers fabric as a thank you and of course we get a shout out on her blog and Windham’s blog and such. Well, I was fortunate that when I replied to her request (Melissa and I had never spoken before and we’ve only communicated through e-mail so far) she agreed! And she put up with my multiple e-mails after that. Then, yes, it gets even better: I happened to be scrolling through Flickr, which I don’t really visit anymore and I saw another request for a pattern tester. This was for a quilt pattern written by someone who is an experienced knitting and crochet pattern writer (kudos to her!) When I replied to her request and gave her a list of my “qualifications” for testing her pattern she said it sounded like I could go even a step further than just pattern testing for her. She was actually looking for someone to be a technical editor for her patterns! And she was willing to pay for this service!

The end result was pretty awesome. I gained FREE fabric from a designer and used it to test and tech edit a pattern for another designer who paid me for my time! My pillow covers ended up in a booth at Fall Quilt Market and my picture and bio were even included in the Windham catalog for the fabric, Sunshine Serenade.  (You can see the pillow covers and a ton of other awesome pictures on Instagram under the hash tag #sunshineserenade and the pattern I used was called Cross Stitch Sparkle #xstitchsparkle by @knottygnome) I also learned that I have a lot to learn about the time I have available for this sort of side venture.

It was incredibly fun to feel valued and as if I had an ability that could be used in the quilting world to actually generate an income. I need to figure out how I can repeat that process again in the future.

Happy Stitches,



Warning: Long post ahead with ZERO pictures and TONS of words. OK, you’ve been warned.

[If you want to see some pictures of my quilts in progress, please follow me on Instagram, my name is @modquiltgirl_anna]

I know I’ve been absent from blogging for quite a while, honestly, I’ve found that Instagram (IG) is really great for quick posts of one picture (at a time) and practically instant feedback (I guess that’s where the name came from). This really appeals to my need for immediate feedback. Also, it’s so much easier to use my phone to view Instagram than it is to post to the blog. Plus, I’ve been busy. Life is busy. Traditional blogging experts will say that to attract readers and a real audience I need to take amazing pictures or at least have something amazing to post about.  I had high hopes for my blog when I started it back up. I had plans for the types of posts I would write and was so sure I would never run out of material to cover. Honestly, I probably could spend hours and hours just planning and writing posts and creating the most amazing tutorials with wonderful pictures. I mean heck, my day job title is Instructional Designer. That means I write training programs for adults. Yes, training, i.e. instructions, or even lesson plans to an extent (although in Grown Up world they are called Facilitator Guides). Unfortunately, after I do that job and then come home and take care of my family, it’s time for bed and repeating the process the next day.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. In July I started a running program called Couch to 5K (C25K). It’s amazing, I HATE running but this program (with the free app) makes it easier to start and ease into running a full 5K. I’ve never been good at running, in order to run a mile in under 10 minutes when I was in middle school, I had to run some, walk some. I never ran the entire thing, EVER and that was ONE mile, 5K is actually about THREE miles! But I have a goal, I’m turning the BIG 3-5 in October and I want to be able to RUN 5K by that time [Update, that didn’t happen but I’m up to week 6 in December!]  This week (original draft of this post was in September), I have to jog 5 minutes straight! Oh, I didn’t mention that the way the program eases you in is that you run and walk in alternating intervals. Each week is the same set of intervals for three days that week. Then the next week you bump up the running time. Part of the reason I started C25K was so that I could fit into a smaller size pants. I needed to lose a little of the baby weight that I never fully lost after having MJ TWO years ago!! Back in May I thought I had lost a little weight, I went out and bought 4 new pairs of pants in a smaller size, only to realize they were still TOO tight! Well, after spending well over $100 on clothes (which I NEVER do – I’d rather buy fabric) I was determined that I WOULD lose enough to fit into those smaller pants. Gladly I can say that after only 3 week of C25K and tracking calories using My Fitness Pal, I have lost enough to be more comfortable in those smaller pants. But I still want to do better.

I’ve said all of this because I found something wonderful to listen to during my workout. As you know, I stumbled upon a podcast called Modern Sewciety by Stephanie Kendron. This show has been on for a while now but I had never listened to a podcast before. Well, every time I listen I learn something new, learn about a new blogger or designer, learn about a new resource for tutorials and inevitably end up following someone new on Instagram.

Recently Stephanie started another weekly podcast she is calling The B Side and I love this new addition! It was fun to hear her and the Tattooed Quilter Christopher really hamming it up on air. And now I think I’ve made another new IG friend (I was already following him on IG but I am so thrilled that lately he’s actually liked some of my IG posts!) I feel like I know celebrities! And something they mentioned on the podcast made me start thinking.  Christopher has a blog series called emailing with the Tattooed Quilter and he interviews what he calls quiltlebrities. He describes these as people who we know who inspire us because they design great things OR just “normal people who make awesome stuff” I was trying to figure out which of those categories I wanted to be in.

The truth is, I want to be a normal person who makes amazing stuff. I realized that this means I’m going to have to edit myself a little more. I’m going to have to limit what I snap a picture of and make sure it’s what I really want the world to see as a representation of myself as a quilter. That will be difficult because like I said before, I like instant feedback. So I think I’m going to try it. And I’m going to try to not die of jealousy when I’m listening to these people on Stephanie’s podcast who are the movers and shakers of the quilting world who are able to spend their days designing and making beautiful quilts or garments and writing patterns and books and blogs. From what I’ve heard on the podcasts so far, most of these people started out as “normal people who made awesome stuff” so I guess that’s where I want to start.

And in the mean time, I’ll keep thinking about my destination. Where is my niche, what do I really have that I can contribute to the quilting world besides the ability to talk about practically anything for two minutes straight and my incredible enthusiasm for anything that I find to be exciting? Only time will really tell. Oh and if you’re on IG, please go follow me if you want, you can find me as modquiltmom_anna.

Happy Stitches to you!


Podcasts, I think I Love You

[Lots of words, NO pictures, if you want to see some nice pictures, check out my Instagram feed I’m on there as modquiltgirl_anna and check out the tags #rejectedfromquiltcon and #quiltconreject for some beautiful quilts!]

Earlier this year I made a new friend through Instagram by complete accident. Her name is Stephanie Kendron (@modernsewciety on IG). Somehow I saw a post of a quilt she made with some fabric that I instantly recognized (Woodland Bloom from Moda) and I of course commented on it. She generously offered to send me some (a jelly roll and layer cake!!) and in return I sent her a mini quilt made of Anna Maria Horner fabrics. After a little more Instagram conversation I figured out that Stephanie hosted something called the Modern Sewciety podcast (MSP). Well, that sparked my curiosity of course.

What the HECK was a podcast? I didn’t have an iPod or iPhone, so how could I listen to one (or was this one of those things that was for Apple users only)?

I immediately e-mailed Stephanie to ask these (silly) questions and she kindly replied to just search my App Store (DUH) for a podcast app and then I could search for her podcast.

OK, great! I did that and found out that her podcast was AWESOME!! (That’s #AWESOME for you IG people) She interviews all the movers and shakers of the sewing and quilting world! I mean ALL of them!! And she does it in such a sweet and inquisitive way. It’s like she’s asking them the questions I would ask them, if I ever had the chance to chat with them.  I also feel that the MSP was great to listen to while doing my Couch to 5K run because there was so much walking and running that trying to listen to music with a specific beat just wasn’t working for me. But listening to someone talk about sewing and quilting kept my mind occupied enough to forget that I was running.

I also realized something about podcasts in general, they are great for people who want to DO other things while listening. I mean, I like to (binge) watch Netflix while I’m sewing but there’s the whole annoying thing of having to look at the screen to figure out what is going on. Podcasts don’t have that problem, they are like Netflix for RADIO! Podcasts are ON DEMAND radio shows, several of which are produced by the GREAT radio talent already out there such as Ira Glass and other NPR celebrities.  Which leads me to the next point.

Podcasts are addicting. You know that phrase/philosphy that like attracts like? Well, once I started listening to the MSP, I started hearing about other podcasts to try out. First, it was Abby Glassenberg (interviewed on MSP, @abbyglassenberg on IG) who has a crafty business centered podcast (and she’s NOT a quilter so she has an awesome different perspective on things) called While She Naps.

So I subscribed to Abby’s e-mail newsletter and she mentions a different podcast every WEEK, she mentioned a new one called Compulsory (she was interviewed on that one, and I love this podcast but it has limited episodes right now) and then, during one of those episodes I heard about Serial.

OMG, don’t get me started about Serial. It’s awesome, and creepy (because it’s a true story), and riveting (listened to all 10 episodes in a two day span), and intriguing. And it’s like reality TV but on the RADIO! It’s produced by the folks who produced This American Life (which I have downloaded but have yet to listen to) which EVERYONE who listens to podcasts RAVES about. I love the format of it because it reminds me of all the times I listened to shows on NPR and their style of journalism and reporting. There is something nostalgic about that type of show. And now I can get it on demand on my podcast app (I just started using Podcast Nation after trying out OneCast and Podcast Addict)!

The latest podcast obsession of mine (thanks Abby) is called StartUp. It’s another reality type show by a guy who was a producer/journalist for This American Life (anything anyone from that group comes out with is pretty much GOLDEN), I think his name is Alex something. But it’s about the process of starting up a small business. The behind the scenes that most people don’t ever see (makes me think of Shark Tank). I’m in love. And now I’m grappling between spending time on the bus listening to podcasts or scanning through IG. Well, truth is I can do both but it’s kind of hard to split my attention.

Confession, last night I almost enjoyed folding the laundry because, after the kid was asleep, even though it was 11:45pm I knew I had to finish up the last part of episode 3 of StartUp (ended up listening to the next one too).

The only recommendation I can make is, find a podcast that has several episodes already recorded (MPS has close to 50 PLUS the B-Side episodes which are soooo fun!) because these reality type shows will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one! And if you have to catch up, take them in moderation so that it doesn’t seem like such a looooong time until the next one comes out.

So, now I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do YOU listen to podcasts? If so, which ones? (I’m always looking for new ones to add to my list!) Please leave a comment below, I’d really appreciate it!

(Yes, I realize this post is devoid of images, but you know what? If you want to see some pictures, there is this great app called Instagram and I post pictures on there ALL the time as do millions of others. Check out the hashtag #rejectedfromquiltcon or #quiltconreject to see some amazing quilts that didn’t get selected for the show in February.)

Happy Stitches,


Toddler Tuesday


As you know, this little guy takes up most of my time lately. He just turned two in March, and he constantly amazes me with his ability to be incredibly adorable. Yes, I realize I’m probably biased. Recently he has started chattering, all the time! He picks up little phrases that his dad or I say. For example, on Saturday I asked my hubby if he wanted anything from the kitchen while I was up. He replied “No thanks, I’m fine” and now, MJ has started saying that. But the best part is that he knows when to say it. If he wants to answer no to a question, he’ll say “No thanks, I’m fine.”  It’s so adorable coming from a two year old. Today he played with a set of oversized legos with an Elmo theme for about 20 minutes. It was a blissful break and so fun to watch him play and explore.

Have a great Tuesday!


Stolen Moments

A quick naptime project, a scrap bucket from the book Sunday Morning Quilts

A quick naptime project, a scrap bucket from the book Sunday Morning Quilts

Sometimes I feel like the only time I have to stitch or even just sneak into my sewing room for a little while is a stolen moment. Maybe it’s an hour or two when my little MJ is sleeping (his naps seem to be all but disappearing these days) or a lucky afternoon that I can spend with the girls from the Houston MQG stitching like a crazy woman. I want to savor these moments and enjoy them, but usually they feel pretty frantic or crazy. I also find it hard to be inspired to work on something when I only have an hour or so to work on it. I prefer long blocks of time so I can think and plan and play.

Well, I guess I just have to accept that, at least for now, my sewing moments are going to be “stolen” so I’ll have to readjust how I function in my sewing space. I’ll have to plan to complete projects in phases and maybe just go in the sewing room and play for 30 minutes at a time. Small projects are going to be my focus.

My Polaroid Mini that is hanging in my cubicle. Finished 01/30/14

My Polaroid Mini that is hanging in my cubicle. Finished 01/30/14

That’s why my cubicle at work is “quilted” with mini quilts. They are FAST to create and yet give me a beautiful finished product!

That’s all for this stolen moment!

Happy Stitches,


Ready set, here I come!


Birthday treats from It’s A Stitch, in Humble, TX

I’ve had blogs before, in fact, in my “previous life” (prior to 2012) I probably spent a good 20 hours a week on my blog but after my son was born in 2012, keeping up with a blog was difficult since I started working full time and there never seems to be time to make things that are worth blogging about (not to mention any daylight for taking decent photos).

When I finally upgraded my phone to a “real” smart phone with a decent camera I joined the Instagram (IG) revolution! I found that although IG and Facebook are fun for short posts, there isn’t a lot of room for the journalling aspect behind the photos so I thought I’d try this blogging thing again. This is seriously like my fourth blog because I’ve forgotten my log in information for all the others!

For my birthday took a couple of days off and went to a new (to me) shop in Humble, TX called It’s a Stitch. It turned out to be a hidden gem of awesome modern fabric goodness! So I splurged and bought myself some birthday treats.

I’m going to try to avoid doing the thing that people do that I hate which is just write a ton of information with any pretty pictures! I know you aren’t here just to read my daily ramblings. You want to see pictures and you want to get something more out of this blog besides reading about my not very exciting life.

My new(ish) home town

My new(ish) home town, Houston, TX

So for now, I’ll leave you with a picture I snapped out the window of the Metro bus on my way in to work last Friday. I was trying to capture the crazy traffic that morning but managed to get a nice shot of the Houston skyline too.