LNQ Flying Fabric

Thank you for your interest in the LNQ Flying Fabric! This sign up is limited to the members of the Late Night Quilters group on Facebook. If you want to participate but aren’t a member, check out the group (search Late Night Quilters on FG groups) and then let me know that you’ve joined.

I want to mail boxes by April 13, 2015 so sign ups will close on Monday, March 30, 2015 for this round! – Sign ups are closed and I’ve removed the sign up form. Thank you for your interest, I hope you’ll consider following my blog to find out about the next round of sign ups.

The intention of this box is to send some fabric (4 FQs to be specific) and something handmade around to the different people in our group and to spread some joy in the world! Everyone likes to receive happy mail, right? The box starter will make something small, maybe a mug rug or a mini quilt and put it in a box or envelope with some fabric and send it off to the next person on the list. Personally, I’m going to add a little journal in my box and hope that each person will write something in the journal to help share our story. When the next person receives the box they should make something else handmade, you may use the fabric in the box  or you’re welcome to create/add from your own stash and you can either a) keep the handmade item already in the box or b) just keep some of the fabric instead, as long as you add fabric to the box! There should be AT LEAST 4 fat quarters in the package. If the handmade item in the box just isn’t your style, that’s OK. Please still make something to include in the box. I’m not a big stickler for strict rules (don’t box me in, HAHA) but I want to ensure that everyone who receives a package and sends it out is happy and has the chance to make or receive something. Just HAVE FUN!

WHAT TO SEND: At LEAST 4 fat quarters (18″x 22″ cut of fabric) plus a handmade item should be in the package. To save on shipping we are going to send out using Flat Rate Priority envelopes (so it’s not really a box anymore but still a package of awesomeness!) You’ll get the list of the group members and when it’s your turn to mail out, just e-mail the next person on the list to get their address to send your package. Also be sure to collect the Tracking Number when you purchase the postage and send that the next person so they can keep track of the fabric as it flies around the country!

TIME FRAME: To keep this fun and minimize wait time, you’ll need to send the box out within a month of receiving it. Aim to send by the 10th of the month but at the very latest it needs to go out by the 13th. If you can’t make something in that time frame (for whatever reason), just send it on and I’ll do my best to make sure that you receive another package later. If you realize you cannot participate at all and need to drop off the list, let me know and I’ll remove you ASAP.

COMMUNICATION: I’ve learned that communication is an VERY IMPORTANT aspect of life. In all the stuff I’ve seen about swaps and things online, most people are OK with a little delay as long as they are informed of the problem early on! Just let me know if something is happening that will cause a delay and I’ll be happy to work with you. The key to this is to HAVE FUN!

Now for the unfun stuff that I guess I have to say: If you decide you can’t mail out the box and you end up keeping it (for whatever reason) without informing me of the situation, you will be removed from our Flying Fabric group.

By submitting the form below you are agreeing to abide by everything just described plus the

GOLDEN RULE OF QUILTING: Don’t send or make anything that you wouldn’t want to personally receive!


SIGN UP for this round has closed as of 03/31/2015. If you’re interested in participating in the next round, be sure to follow this blog to hear about the next sign ups.

3 thoughts on “LNQ Flying Fabric

    • modquiltmom (Anna) says:

      You can share images on the Late Night Quilters group, you can send me images or you can share them on Instagram and tag me (modquiltmom_anna) so I can re-post and tag people. Also use the tag LNQflyingfabric in case anyone wants to see what other people are doing.

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