Quilters Bee Mod

Please Sign Up using the form below. By submitting this form you are agreeing to play along with the Quilters Bee Mod bee and send a block each month if possible. Thanks for joining me I look forward to getting to know you all much better!

Sign Ups are now closed. Thanks for your interest!

Here are the guidelines for those who are participating:

  • Each person in the group will be assigned a month to choose a block and a color combo
  • The Queen Bee will post her request for block pattern (with link for tutorial preferably), block size, and colors by the 1st of her assigned month
  • Please post on Instagram using the hashtag #quiltersbeemod
  • The Queen Bee should also email your block and color request as well as your mailing address (so you don’t have to post it publicly)
  • The rest of the “hive” will work like busy bees to make the block, one is requested but MORE is always better!
  • Send the blocks whenever you want within the Queen Bee’s month, but try REALLY hard to mail them in enough time to arrive in her mailbox before the 1st of the NEXT month. So, if you can mail by the 20th, that’s probably enough wiggle room.
  • If you cannot make a block one month, that is OK, everyone gets busy and we all understand, but please contact the queen bee for the month AND copy me so I can be in the know.
  • If you are unable to make blocks several months in a row, and need to drop from the group, please let me know ASAP.
  • We probably won’t send blocks in December because that’s just a crazy month!!
  • Please be flexible about your color requests. My personal goal is to make all the blocks from my stash because I’m on a Fabric No Buy Zone challenge with my husband for all of 2015. I have a pretty decent stash (I spent 2014 collecting) so I’m not overly worried, but please try to request color combos instead of a specific fabric designer.
Here’s a little tip: When it’s your turn to choose a block, if you’re concerned about accurate piecing, you should request that we make a paper pieced block. Even the Economy block can be paper pieced and it’s super simple!

I'd love to hear your thoughts

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