Totally Tuned In: She Percolates Podcast


I have found that when one is willing to drive 3+ hours and take all of their sewing supplies along with them in order to sew like a mad woman for only a couple days and then make the trek back, it is important to have something to listen to on that 3+ hour drive. Now, if you happen to have a friend who is going with you, GREAT! You can pass the time by chatting about quilt patterns, business ideas or general life stuff. I really hope that someday I have a travel friend like that. Until that time, because the radio is a little redundant and one can only listen to certain pop music so many times in one day PLUS reception gets a little sketchy out there in the boon docks, podcasts will be my go to listening choice for long road trips. (And in Texas, EVERYTHING is a long road trip, in fact, it’s at least 30 minutes to get almost anywhere in the city of Houston.)

I recently heard about a new(ish) podcast called She Percolates which launched in January or so and I eagerly looked it up and tuned in right before I left for my trip (after a harrowing 3 hours of waiting to actually get out of the city).

So listening to this podcast literally feels like I’m sitting in the room while Jen and Danielle chat about stuff that I am already thinking in my head! In fact, I don’t even really know how to describe it but when I heard the second interview which was actually Danielle interviewing Jen, I felt like  what she described is practically my ideal life! I mean, Social Media Strategist!? I totally want to do that! Also, I love that she defined success not by how much money is made or status at work, but by being able to feel happy and spend time with friends and family. (Happy just happens to be my One Little Word this year.)

The format of the show is pretty awesome, the co-hosts spend roughly an hour chatting with women from various walks of life about what success means to them. In reality it is different to everyone based on where they are in life and that is a very strong message in their interviews.

They also have a Friday Coffee Chat series where it’s just Jen and Danielle discussing some topics that are important to them or have struck a cord on Instagram posts. I’m seriously hooked on this show!

I won’t ruin any more of the episodes for you, they are truly worth a listen! Who knows, they may even inspire me to get back to the gym and the treadmill so I have some uninterrupted time to listen! They already have 42 episodes recorded so I have enough to last me for quite some time (plus they are always recording more!)

Hope you enjoy the show!

Happy Stitches,


And Just Like That…

So yeah, I bought a domain name and now I’ve changed my web identity. I decided it was time to get over my Peter Pan Syndrome and finally grow up.

I’m a wife.

I’m a mom.

I’m a mod quilter.

So why not change my name from Mod Quilt Girl to Mod Quilt Mom? Well, I did!

AND I’ve ordered the sweetest buttons to swap at QuiltCon! I just hope they get here in time!!

I’ve changed my name on IG as well to match my new domain, I’m now modquiltmom_anna on IG. There may be changes to my blog, other than the subtle changes to my header images.

I’m not sure yet. Just hope you’ll come along with me as I explore the reality that is being a modern quilting mom!

Happy Stitches (and diapers and house cleaning),


#quilt15February is going strong

I figured that everyone loves a good challenge and I really work well when I have a personal challenge to meet. My husband and I challenged each other to not each out for lunch or dinner more than once (each) in a week. This is HUGE for me because I have a tendency to go buy lunch EVERY day, or almost every day at work. A friend of mine usually asks me to go to lunch with her. It doesn’t seem like much but those $5 or $10 lunches really add up! I’m happy to report that I made it through one entire week and only ate out for lunch one day that my friends had already planned a lunch for. That was a BIG deal! My reward? My husband gave me a “credit” for one yard of fabric of my choice (which I have to pay for). Why did he give me that credit? I mean, I have a good paying job and I am perfectly able to buy fabric any time I would like, but that’s another challenge that we made with each other.

He said he didn’t think I could go an entire YEAR – yes 365 days – without buying ANY fabric. I’m calling it the #fabricnobuyzone challenge! If I break down and buy anything, I have to sit through multiple episodes of South Park, which is a cartoon that I absolutely HATE more than ANY other show I can think of. Although, Family Guy is a very close second. So, it’s the perfect deterrent. And I’ve made it through all of January without really even WANTING to buy fabric. I spent a good amount of 2014 buying fabric because I was stressed at work and the only consolation I could give myself was that the job paid enough so I could treat myself to some fabric, EVERY MONTH. So, yeah, I built a nice stash last year. My prize if I make it all 365 days is going to be one of those adorable little Singer Featherweight sewing machines.

Doesn’t my “credit” for a yard of fabric make more sense now? The best part? I don’t even know what I would use it on! I already ordered a 1/2 yard bundle of Doe (that was on 12/31/2014 before the No Buy Zone kicked in). Also, there was a #fabricforward giveaway hosted by someone on IG and I actually WON the fabric I had been dying for, the viewfinders from Melody Miller. And these aren’t even from her new line, they are from her ORIGINAL print of that fabric (it has a little linen texture to it). They will be the PERFECT addition to my Child of the 80’s quilt! But I WON the fabric, I couldn’t even believe it!

So what is my current challenge to myself? I’m calling it #quilt15February and so far I’m not doing too great. My goal is to sew, piece, quilt, plan SOMETHING for 15 minutes every day in February and share my progress under the tag and get others involved too. I mean, 15 minutes is barely anything! And I’m finding out that it’s difficult to quilt, sew, or create something for ONLY 15 minutes. I always want to keep going, luckily, I have had extra time so far. The truth is that once I get started I typically have a good 30 minutes to 2 hours to sew, create, or quilt! And I’m seeing progress on my Scrappy Log Cabin quilt that I would typically lament at not having enough time to work on! At this point, I’ve managed to do some sort of Quilt 15 on February 1st and 2nd, but 3rd and 4th were not so great. I’m planning to make up for that today. Truth is, it’s just been exciting to check the hash tag on IG and actually see other people joining in! It’s been amazing to see that 40 people liked my original idea to do this for 15 minutes a day and that they are encouraging each other! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

If you like a challenge, please join in, I’m hoping to put together some prizes at the end of the month for those who participate. Who knows, you might just win that fabric you REALLY wanted!

Here are just a few ways to participate in #quilt15February:

1) Cut out a project you’ve been planning for a while

2) Pull out fabrics and plan a new project

3) Sit and sew some scraps together to practice improv piecing, see how much you can sew in just 15 minutes

4) Sketch out an idea that’s been bugging you lately

5) Attend QUILTCON or another local quilt show

6) Make Valentine’s gifts for your children or their teachers

7) Load a quilt on the long arm

8) Quilt a quilt on your machine

9) Lock yourself in a quiet room and enjoy perusing your favorite quilt magazine (Or wait for the kid to fall asleep)

10) Whatever you do, take a picture and tag it with #quilt15February to be entered for prizes!!

I’ve also found that some projects can be broken down into parts, so one evening you might cut the pieces and the next night you sew some together. By the end of the week you’ll two or three blocks finished! Quilting really is my therapy!

Happy Stitches (even for 15 minutes),


Woman vs WoMOM


Sometimes I feel like I have two personalities that are at odds with each other.

One of those is my professional self. I get up every morning, get ready, dress in heels (most days) and go to work where I sit at a computer for roughly 8 hours then run out the door to get on the bus for the 30 minute commute home.

This professional self does the job and gets paid to help pay the bills, which include paying for daycare for my almost 3 year old son.

My other self? That’s the WoMOM self. *yeah I didn’t really even mention the wife self because she usually gets pushed to the far back*

The Mom self, after getting the Work self ready, wakes up the toddler, changes his diaper and gets him ready for daycare. I take him to “school” (which usually means carrying him in while wearing heels, such a fun thing to do, especially when it’s rainy and cold), then in the afternoon when I get home around 6:30, he’s home and I have to change his diaper and make sure he has dinner and brushes his teeth.

On the weekends, I get to be Mom full time, because even though Dad is there and is supportive of us, the boy really likes Mom more right now. Dad is the one who makes meals for us and there have been weeks when he’s had to travel and I’ve had to feel the full reality of what it would be like to be a single parent, that is NOT fun!

There are times when I get to be the Quilter Mom who spends precious time at the sewing machine making magical quilt blocks appear. The few days we had off on January 1st and 2nd was awesome. My toddler actually played by himself with his new cars he got for Christmas for a couple of hours straight! (Normally, when I sit down at the sewing machine, no matter what he’s doing he’ll get up and come over to request attention)

I haven’t figured out how to get these different personalities (or roles I guess I should call them) to play nicely together. Commuting and working 40+ hours a week is sort of exhausting, which explains why I typically fall asleep around 10 PM and most of the time while on the couch just vegging out and have very little time to myself or to spend with my DH.

But I’m determined that in 2015 I’m going to figure out how to get some sort of balance. Even if that means that I spend a few more minutes in the morning trying to fix my hair (I actually bought a flat iron last night and used it today for the first time in my life) or learning how to tie a scarf a different way (Pinterest I LOVE you!)

My boss is only a year older than me, she has three children (twins who are 2 and a kindergartner, all girls) and she still manages to come to work looking fabulous every day! EVERY DAY! She wears make up and her hair looks awesome and she wears pretty clothes.

I should be able to do that. I only have 1 child and he’s a boy, so his clothes and hair don’t require as much attention. (Be honest, it’s true) I just don’t put the attention I should on myself because I’m so busy with my daily routine.

Well, thanks for letting me ramble today. For those of you who follow my blog, I really appreciate knowing that people read it. I’m also documenting my efforts to fight the frump on Instagram with the tag #fightingfrumpmom If you want to take some steps to fight the frump, feel free to use the tag as well!

My next step is a good haircut and some better make up! (Oh and more practice with the flat iron)

Finally I’d love to hear if you have suggestions for fighting the frump and finding balance between a full time job as mom and as a “career woman.”

Happy Stitches,


Stolen Moments

A quick naptime project, a scrap bucket from the book Sunday Morning Quilts

A quick naptime project, a scrap bucket from the book Sunday Morning Quilts

Sometimes I feel like the only time I have to stitch or even just sneak into my sewing room for a little while is a stolen moment. Maybe it’s an hour or two when my little MJ is sleeping (his naps seem to be all but disappearing these days) or a lucky afternoon that I can spend with the girls from the Houston MQG stitching like a crazy woman. I want to savor these moments and enjoy them, but usually they feel pretty frantic or crazy. I also find it hard to be inspired to work on something when I only have an hour or so to work on it. I prefer long blocks of time so I can think and plan and play.

Well, I guess I just have to accept that, at least for now, my sewing moments are going to be “stolen” so I’ll have to readjust how I function in my sewing space. I’ll have to plan to complete projects in phases and maybe just go in the sewing room and play for 30 minutes at a time. Small projects are going to be my focus.

My Polaroid Mini that is hanging in my cubicle. Finished 01/30/14

My Polaroid Mini that is hanging in my cubicle. Finished 01/30/14

That’s why my cubicle at work is “quilted” with mini quilts. They are FAST to create and yet give me a beautiful finished product!

That’s all for this stolen moment!

Happy Stitches,